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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 07825g
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : St Arvans
Unitary authority : Monmouthshire
NGR : ST53299572
Site Type (preferred type first) : Post-Medieval Grotto
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
The Grotto is a small domed alcove built of brick on a stone foundation built in the 18th century, inside a small Iron Age hillfort, for the spectacular views across the Wye Valley.

Description :
The Grotto has been scheduled as a separate monument and has been excluded from the area of Pierce Wood Camp (PRN 772g). The Grotto is a small domed alcove built of brick on a stone foundation. The interior walls display the remnants of the rough mixture of iron an copper slag as well as quartz bedded in a fine white mortar with which it was once coated. Some of this material has accumulated on the floor within forming deep stratified layers which could reveal much about the past history of the feature. It is of particular importance as one of the principal structural features of the 18th century Piercefield Walk. It was built to act as a shaded rusticated seat presenting spectacular views across the Wye Valley. Although within the defences of a small Iron Age hillfort (SAM MM020) the grotto deserves separate recognition for its historical importance. Scheduled in 2000; the area comprising a rectangle 18m x 12m encompassing the Grotto and its approach path.

Sources :
Desc Text/Cadw/Full Management Report/2005/ Copy in further information file.
Desc Text/Cadw/New entry to the schedule of monuments/2000/ Copy in further information file.
Letter/Cadw/2007/Application for ancient monument consent
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Events :
E005378 : Piercefield Walks, St Arvans, Chepstow (year : 2005)
E005401 : Piercefield Walks, St Arvans, Chepstow (year : 2005)

Related PRNs : 23104, 6128g

Compiled date : 08-06-2001

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