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TRELLECH Deserted Medieval Village

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 04291g
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Trellech United
Unitary authority : Monmouthshire
NGR : SO50150510
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval Shrunken village
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Evidence of medieval occupation in a field to the south of the present village, bounded by Llandogo Road, Catbrook Road and Tinker's Lane. Part excavated in 1998, revealing house platforms, boundary ditches and walls, with C12-14th pottery.

Description :
A field, bounded by Llandogo Road, Catbrook Road and Tinker's Lane, on the south of the historic village of Trellech, contains a conspicuous series of earthworks, comprising house platforms, boundary ditches,banks, drains and burgage plots. Trial excavations in 1998 in response to development proposals revealed four masonry structures and building debris of two others within the house platforms ranged around the Catbrook Road and Tinker's Lane street frontages, with a series of boundary ditches and walls associated with the burgage plots. In the centre of the field are a series of ditches apparently associated with water management. The area on the north-west is waterlogged with pieces of wood suggested to be the remains of a water management structure. Medieval pottery of 12th-14th century has been found in association with the house platforms (Hull, 1998).

Later evaluation revealed pottery sherds in the area and clear evidence of medieval deposits, such as industrial surfaces. However, no incontrovertible evidence of medieval structure could be found, but potential buildings and walls have been identified (Tuck, 2004).

Surface of compacted stones in east side of medieval town. The surface extended along the possible line of a road running north-south. . The surface appeared to be hard standing or light metalling for a road that partially overlaid an earlier road surface. The second surface was well made with compacted cobbles. Edges of the road well-defined, deep wheel ruts running the excavated length of the surface.

The east of the road an industrial surface with significant quantities of ash and slag; associated an apparent eroded furnace in the bank of a hedge (Howell R 1997)

Sources :
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Events :
E004388 : Catbrook Road, Trellech, Monmouthshire EVAL (year : 1998)
E005212 : Land at The Barton, Llandogo Road, Trellech (year : 2004)
E002646 : Assessment of the Wye Valley DBA (year : 2000)

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