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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 01664g
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Grosmont
Unitary authority : Monmouthshire
NGR : SO40522445
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval Castle
Status : listed building I, Scheduled Monument

Summary :
First castle built around 1154, and comprised of a simple wooden palisade and ditch structure (only the moat remains of this earliest period). The castle was constructed in masonary over 3 main stages, from 1210 to 1330.

Description :
First castle on site in existence by 1154, which consisted of wooden buildings defended by a palisade and ditch, but only the moat remains of this earliest period.
The masonry castle was built in 3 main periods. The Great Hall is the earliest structure, dating from about 1210. The second building period, during the first half of the C13th, saw the enclosure of the inner ward, with a stone curtain flanked by 3 semi-circular towers and a projecting gatehouse. The final stage, probably around 1330, included the addition of a range of rooms outside the N curtain and the enlargement and heightening of the SW tower.
The stone castle stands on a roughly rectangluar platform surrounded by a ditch 6m deep. The remains of a probable bailey encircling the castle can be traced on the SE and NE as a scarped slope 4m high, and on the N as 2 banks .3m high and 9m wide with an intermediate ditch 1m deep.

Phillips notes that Groesmont Castle is part of a group of castles (with Skenfrith and White castle), and that key features include a masonry construction on a mound formed by digging a surrounding ditch. The mound was thought to have been artificial but upon clearance the raised centre appears to be tumble from the walls (Phillips 2004).

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Events :
E003884 : Grosmont Castle (year : 1990)
E004063 : Earthwork Castles of Gwent and Ergyng AD 1050 – 1250 (year : 2004)
E002379 : Myrtle Cottage, Grosmont, Monmouthshire, EVAL (year : 1998)
E002395 : Forge Site Grosmont, Gwent, DBA (supplementary) (year : 1995)

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Compiled date : 02-12-1988

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