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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00581w
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Dyffryn Clydach
Unitary authority : Neath Port Talbot
NGR : SS7249099469
Site Type (preferred type first) : Bronze Age Standing stone
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Large standing stone consisting of a trapezoidal block of sandstone with upper surface rising to a point on the S side; wide faces to NE and SW; narrow NW side bows out slightly. Bedding planes of rock can be seen clearly on narrow side.

Description :
Large standing stone consisting of a trapezoidal block of sandstone with upper surface rising to a point on the S side; wide faces to NE and SW; narrow NW side bows out slightly. Bedding planes of rock can be seen clearly on narrow side; wide faces suffer from spalling and are marked with graffiti; SW side is more of a plane surface than NE side. Now situated in the angle between two fields and used as a post for their gates, through one of which a track runs. Lower part of stone wrapped in wire mesh fencing, which is helping to protect it from rubbing by stock. Many small blocks of sandstone around the foot, but this is probably derived from the old wall which was originally built up next to the stone. May form a monument complex (PRN 05036w) with the possible cairn PRN 582w 1.25m wide, 0.5m thick, estimated height c4m GGAT 72 Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites survey 2001.

(1956) The stone has little appearance of antiquity for although the narrow face is weathered almost black the broad face is quite clean and the corners are sharp. It is possible that it was obtained relatively recently from the extensive rock outcrop 35m to the south as this would account for the weathering on one face only, but inspection there revealed no obvious bed for it . If it is old the lack of weathering of the broad face could possibly be accounted for by flaking, of which it shows some signs (Source 15)
(1961) Condition as in 1956 (Source 02)
(1962/1976) Carreg Bica, on level ground 253m above OD on Mynydd Drumau N of Skewen. A monolithic slab of local sandstone, with rectangular base 1.2m by 0.6m, rising 4.3m high to a blunt point. There is no sign of a mound; the stone is now incorporated in the line of a field wall. Morgan calls it Maen Bredwan (sic for Bradwen ?). (Source 01)
(1982) Carreg '' Pica '' standing stone, scheduled.' Pica ' is probably a typing error it should be called ' Bica ' (Source 04)
(1985) Standing stone c. 18 ft high used as a farm gate post alongside tract on Mynydd Drumau, c. 800ft above sea level. The stone is also known as Maen bredwan. (Source 14)
(1989) Despite OS scepticism , I find this quite acceptable as a Bronze Age monument. If it was intended from the start as a gatepost there would seem little point in making it so massive.It does not appear appreciably less weathered than say the Cefncelfi stones, suggesting that it is of at least reasonable antiquity.Its commanding position on an upland route might also lend weight to this. The stone itself appears unchanged. The stone has barbed wire for a fence attached to it. (Source 16)
(1995) A length of dry-stone walling which abuts onto Carreg Bica has been taken down and removed. (Source 18)
(1996) The stone appears much as before. Barbed wire still attached and a gate post braced against it.It also has a fence post on the south west side. The boundary which meets it on the west appears to be of some antiquity, with a broken down hedgebank or wall on the same line as the fence. The stone of which the monument is made spalls easily. A number of graffiti on the stone, some old and others more recent. (Source 17)

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