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Wilcrick Hill Camp

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00474g
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Bishton
Unitary authority : Newport
NGR : ST41118780
Site Type (preferred type first) : Iron Age Hillfort
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Hillfort surrounded by steep natural slope around which artificial defence has been constructed. This consists of a series of ramparts which have decayed.

Description :
Hillfort surrounded by steep natural slope around which artificial defence has been constructed. This consists of a series of ramparts which have decayed.

The enclosure is oval in shape, with multi-vallate defences consisting of scarps and berms. On the south side there are four discernable scarps, although they are hardly steeper than the natural slope in places now. Where they are clear, they stand at a height of approx 3m. On the east side, the hill slopes less steeply and the scarps are very fragmentary. To the north end of this side a holloway cuts through the hill northeast-southwest. This is approx 3.5m wide and 0.8m deep, now very overgrown. The north side of the hill is very steep and a scarp is visible halfway up 3-4m high, which continues round to the west side, which is of a similar gradient. A measured profile of the rampart 30m north of the holloway, at a place where only two scarps are clearly definable, shows that the distance from crest to crest of the two scarps is about 30m, this including a 10m berm. Thus the inner scarp slopes over a 20m distance from a height of at least 3m. The outer scarp is steeper, sloping over only 13m but again with a drop of at least 3m. An entrance passageway to the northeast of the site exists simply at the meeting of the two ramparts which, rather than joining, curve past each other creating a short passageway leading eventually into the interior. A sunken feature to the north, situated just within the outer rampart, takes the form of a reverse 'C', however it is considered that this is likely to be later quarrying.
While the tree cover makes this site less venerable than a site on arable land, it should be noted that the trees must be managed in order to preserve this monument. Furthermore long term damage to the site is being caused through the illegal camp fires.(Wiggins 2006)

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Events :
E001499 : Field visit to Wilcrick hill camp (year : 2006)
E001550 : Prehistoric defended enclosures Gwent (year : 2006)

Related PRNs : 307946

Compiled date : 02-02-1988

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