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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00383m
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Coychurch Higher
Unitary authority : Bridgend
NGR : SS97358495
Site Type (preferred type first) : Iron Age Hillfort
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Apart from minor mutilation it is in good condition & consists of a pronounced bank with outer ditch forming an enclosure of generally sub-circular form.

Description :
Apart from minor mutilation it is in good condition & consists of a pronounced bank with outer ditch forming an enclosure of generally sub-circular form.

The earthwork stands at about 230m above OD, on the end of a spur projecting SE from Mynydd y Gaer. The ground falls away on all sides except the NW, but not steeply, so that the position is not naturally strong although it commands an extensive view in all directions. The area is 1ha, enclosed by a strong bank and ditch with a counterscarp bank, measuring about 20m wide by 3m high overall where best preserved. The bank seems to be mainly of earth, and no revetment is visible. It has been set out in straight sections, forming an irregular polygon, apparently of twelve sides though damage makes this uncertain. The entrance seems to have been on the S; E of this gap the rampart has an inturn of about 10m, though it is very much worn down by cultivation. Although the wide gap on the E shows no remaining trace of rampart or ditch it seems likely that it is a modern break, rather than that the enclosure was unfinished. A gap of similar size has been partly levelled on the NW, and there are other minor breaks, but the ramparts are generally well preserved. The interior is now pasture, but has been cultivated.
An exceptionally large field-bank runs SW from the fort, but it seems later, forming part of a group of abandoned field enclosures probably of no great age. (Wiggins and Evans 2005)

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Events :
E001455 : Prehistoric defended enclosures in Glamorgan (year : 2005)
E002606 : Cadairfarch Farm, Rhiwceiliog, Pencoed MP (year : 2001)
E002607 : Cadairfarch Farm, Rhiwceiliog, Pencoed FV (year : 2001)

Related PRNs : 300096

Compiled date : 01-03-1977

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