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Cowbridge Town Wall

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00248s
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Cowbridge With Llanblethian
Unitary authority : Vale of Glamorgan
NGR : SS99507442
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval Town defences
Status : listed building II*

Summary :
The town walls were apparently 7.7m high, having a batter outside and a walk inside the battlements 4.3m wide.

Description :
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The town walls were apparently 7.7m high, having a batter outside and a walk inside the battlements 4.3m wide.
The proposed outline for the town wall outlines a pentagonal shape measuring approximately 335m east-west by 217m north-south (at its widest central point). There was four gates, the East and West gate were located on High St and the South gate on the south-west part of the wall. Only the South gate survives with part of the south west section that was rebuilt on its foundations is still standing. The West gate was demolished in 1754 and the East gate in 1771, the North gate is suggested to have been the first to be abandoned. Also the town ditch that fronted the wall is no longer visible.
Evidence to suggest the line of the wall and ditch was revealed during excavations in 1981-2

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Events :
E001636 : 'Physic Garden' Church Street, Cowbridge WB (year : 2005)
E003488 : Watching Brief of South-west Tower, Town Walls, Cowbridge (year : 2010)
E003564 : South-West tower, cowbridge (year : 2010)
E003754 : Former Oxfam shop, Bear lane, Cowbridge (year : 2011-2012)
E002953 : The Town walls, Cowbridge. DBA (year : 1999)
E002953 : The Town walls, Cowbridge. DBA (year : 1999)
E005216 : LA Landscaping and Grammar School, Church Street, Cowbridge (year : 2005)

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