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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00248m
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Merthyr Mawr
Unitary authority : Bridgend
NGR : SS8886878084
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval Chapel
Status : Scheduled Monument , listed building II

Summary :
St Roque's chapel stands within the grounds of Merthyr Mawr House, on top of a small hill (Chapel Hill), within an oval enclosure interpreted as being an IA hillfort (PRN 275m). The chapel lies on the N side of the earthwork in an ornamental enclosure.

Description :
St Roque's chapel stands within the grounds of Merthyr Mawr House, on top of a small hill (Chapel Hill), within an oval enclosure interpreted as being an IA hillfort (PRN 275m). This has a single earth bank with a gap, probably the entrance, on the W side; Grimes noted a ditch to the SW (OS card SS 87 NE 51), but none was visible when the RCHMW surveyed the site in 1966, though they noted traces of a counterscarp bank (RCAHMW 1976b, no.630). The chapel itself lies within a curvilinear enclosure of 'ornamental walling and fencing' (OS card SS 87 NE 51) set at the N side of the earthwork enclosure. The chapel is a single celled E-W building 8x6m, with an arched door towards the W end of the S wall, a small window towards the E end of the same wall, and a larger window with a stone mullion in the middle of the E wall; W bellcote; two ECMs (PRNs 245m =1336m; 272m = 1335m) situated one either side of the door outside the building (Cadw Field Monument warden report, 1986), also a later cross-base (PRN 251m); none of these is in its original location.
Evans 2003: GGAT 73 Early-Medieval Ecclesiastical Sites Project database

Sources :
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Events :
E001386 : Early medieval ecclesiastical sites in Southeast Wales desk based assessment (year : 2004)
E002280 : Merthyr Mawr Warren WB (year : 1996)

Related PRNs : 1335m, 1336m

Compiled date : 12-03-2004

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