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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00194m
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Porthcawl
Unitary authority : Bridgend
NGR : SS8137777606
Site Type (preferred type first) : Bronze Age Round barrow
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Very damaged possible barrow, of which perhaps three-quarters has now been destroyed. The remaining (SW) portion is visible in the corner of a small patch of open ground, laid out as a public amenity (and with a modern standing stone erected in its SE corner)

Description :
Very damaged possible barrow, of which perhaps three-quarters has now been destroyed. The remaining (SW) portion is visible in the corner of a small patch of open ground, laid out as a public amenity (and with a modern standing stone (PRN 06316m) erected in its SE corner). It is grass-covered, with its E side formed by an unkempt hedge. Dimensions: Height (excluding hedge) 1.5m

(1961/1976) An irregularly shaped mound of earth and stones, probably representing a round barrow damaged by ploughing and the erection of field boundaries. Its maximum diameter is 15.3m E-W, height up to 1.8m. The 1853 account mentions the destruction of a neighbouring upright stone, and continues : 'From the vestiges of broken pottery in the fields between this place and the Pickett lease, near Porthcawl, it is probable that some other mounds have been dug up'. (Source 01)
(1982) The remains of the barrow are compressed within the southeast corner of an arable field. The mound, 2.2m in height, measures 21.0m from east to west, and a maximum 8.0m from north to south. It has been foreshortened by ploughing and is steep-sided on the north; on the south and east it is crossed by field boundaries, beyond which little or nothing of the barrow remains. (Source 09)
(1986) The barrow is situated just south of the boundary fence between an old people's home and a new housing development, in the angle between the fence and a served road. The mound has been cut into on the north and west along the line of the boundary fence, exposing a very stony interior. The mound is c2m high from the service road level, but this is probably an artificially low level, and the true height is more like 0.8m, measuring from where the stones start in the south side. The mound id c12m east-west and 8m north-south (max) but the true dimensions are difficult to determine as the top of the mound is covered in small trees, scrub and brambles, and stones have been piled up there. There are some large stones piled up at the east end.
(1997) The description of this barrow remains the same insomuch as the slopes facing the old people's home are still covered in the undergrowth. The topand sides facing the bungalow have been landscaped. (Source 08)
GGAT 72 Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites Project

A third similar mound gives its name to the Bredbarrows or broad barrows, a field on the south side of Priest’s Lane, leading from Nottage to the Hutchwns (Knight 1853, 93).
See also PRN 00208m.

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Events :

Related PRNs : 94560, 208m, 06316m

Compiled date : 01-02-1977

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