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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 00038m
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Porthcawl
Unitary authority : Bridgend
NGR : SS8203878155
Site Type (preferred type first) : Roman mile stone / Roman Inscribed stone / Early Medieval inscribed stone
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
Roman milestone with 3 successive official inscriptions of the 3rd and early 4th centuries & a possible defaced ogham inscription. Now stands in a flowerbed in front of the S.side of the house at Nottage Court, but originally found in Port Talbot.

Description :
Roman milestone (RIB 2252-3,2256) with 3 inscriptions, originally found c 1847 on the W side of New Cut, Port Talbot (probably c SS756890), now at Nottage Court, Port Talbot. Stands in a flowerbed in front of the S.side of house.

The inscriptions read:
(Original face) IMP[erator] C[aesa] / M[arcus] A[ntonius] GOR / DIANVS / AVG[ustus] = The Emperor Caesar Marcus Antonius Gordianus Augustus (Gordian III AD 238-44)
(Reverse of main face, cut at opposite end from first inscription, indicating that the stone had been repositioned the other way up) IMP[eratoribus] C[aesaribus] DIO / CLETIANO / ET MAXI[miniano] / INV[ictis] A / VG[ustis] =To the Emperors, Caesars Diocletian and Maximian (Diocletain and Maximian joint emperors AD 286-305). 'MAXI(miano)' has been recut to read 'MARI[d]VRE, possibly intending to refer to Carmarthen (Moridunum), to which the road through Port Talbot led (01016.0w); this milestone is almost certainly associated with the road.
(Side of original end, indicating that the stone had been turned upside down again) IMP[eratori] / CAES[aris / domino] NO[stro] V[alerio] / LIC[inio] / P[io] F[elici] A[u]G[usto] = For the Emperor Caesar, our Lord, Valerius Licinius Pius Felix Augustus (Licinian AD 308-24).

The stone also bears what is descibed as a defaced ogham inscription, but this has not been included in Redknap and Lewis 2007, nor in the Early Christian volume of the Glamorgan Inventory.

Modern drilled small hole under inscription.

Sources :
Collingwood, R G, and Wright, R P , 1965 , The Roman inscriptions of Britain vol1
Evans, E M , 2001 , Romano-British southeast Wales settlement survey: Final report ( © GGAT)
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01/MM Desc Text/CADW/Whittle E/27.02.86/27.02.86 AM7/SS 87 NW

Events :
E001657 : Romano-British Southeast Wales Settlement Survey (year : 1998-2001)

Related PRNs : 93023, 2252, 2253, 2256

Compiled date : 12-01-1986

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