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Llety'r Filiast Burial Chamber, Great Orme

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 648
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Llandudno
Unitary authority : Conwy
NGR : SH77228295
Site Type (preferred type first) : Prehistoric CHAMBERED TOMB
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
Chambered cairn known as Lletty'r Filiast on Great Orme's Head a little below 500ft above OD. Remains of a pentagonal chamber walled and roofed with limestone slabs. Four uprights averaging 4ft high remain, sides touching. Three of these support a capstone which covers W side of chamber. Two detached portions of the capstone remain, one inside the chamber and one leaning against the outer side of the NW upright. The E side of the chamber, 5' wide, is open. The floor is covered with small stones. The chamber lies at the SE end of a long oval mound, 6' high, 80' long and 45' wide. Most of the SE half has been quarried away, revealing the structure, partly loose stones, partly natural rock. The mound may be natural. The only recorded finds are a piece of dark brown pottery about 2ins long, and a bone. Condition: ruined, railed off. (RCAHMW, 1956)

Published survey 1:1250 revised. <2>

Scheduled area reduced in 1992. <4>

Burial chamber set in south-west corner of long mound. For detailed description and plans see desktop notes. Chamber faces 120 degrees east of north, i.e. close to mid-winter sunrise. Located in bottom of narrow dry valley opening to south-east. The views are restricted all round by the valley sides. The view to south-east is hard to estimate as it is now obscured by houses, but it is unlikely that much of the landscape could be seen, site seems to focus on a small section of sky rather than to overlook a landscape or to be seen from a distance. (Smith, 2002)

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Related PRNs : 95269

Compiled date : 10-11-1987

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