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Tomen Castell, Dolwyddelan

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 632
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Dolwyddelan
Unitary authority : Conwy
NGR : SH72475216
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval TOWER
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
Tomen Castell. <1>

Tomen Castell, a natural rocky knoll, precipitous on the E, and with a steep slope on the W, at the bottom of which a ditch about 15ft wide and now 2 or 3ft deep. On the top are traces of what may have been a tower about 25ft square but only the NE side is at all clear. (RCAHMW, 1956)

No dateable finds were recovered. <3>

The foundations of the tower are no longer discernible. Published survey 25" revised. <4>

The site appears as a rocky knoll, the slopes covered with several large trees. Although there is no discernible structure on the top of the knoll, there appears to be two banks of earth with a hollow between them. <5>

On top of the natural knoll, the rubble built foundations of a rectangular tower were in part exposed. The building measured c.25' on its S side. The rubble walling was 7' thick on the S, where it was preserved to an external height of three to four courses laid directly on the natural surface of the knoll, but was 8 1/2 thick on the E where it was laid on an artificial raft of loosely piled stones capped with a turf layer. Within the wall was a thick bed of silt, not yet explored but showing a burnt layer towards the W end, and overlaid with a layer of tumbled stones. The ditch at the W foot of the knoll was sectioned. It was a flat-bottomed ditch, 18' wide x 3' deep cut in the shaly rock and refilled with earth and stones, the latter lying thickest at the inner end, and showing a grey layer a foot above the original bottom indicative of partial silting or filling. (Ellis Jones, 1963)

In July-August 1964 excavation was resumed at the fortified knoll in the valley bottom bellow the medieval Welsh castle of Dolwyddelan. The excavation report continues. (Ellis Jones, 1964)

Scheduling details. <8>

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Events :
41264 : PRN 632 Part Excavation (year : 1963-4)
41265 : Prn 632 GAT Site Visit (year : 1987)
41266 : Cn 196 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1987)
41267 : Cn 196 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1995)

Related PRNs : 303046

Compiled date : 29-10-1987

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