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Maen y Bardd Burial Chamber, Caerhun

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 529
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Caerhun
Unitary authority : Conwy
NGR : SH74067178
Site Type (preferred type first) : Neolithic CHAMBERED TOMB
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
A well known and well visited burial chamber of portal dolmen type, located near the Roman road from Caerhun to Caernarfon. The stone chamber is still intact but the shape of the cairn which would once have covered it is confused by the remains of later field boundaries. Located within a rich multi-period archaeological landscape, the presence of a Bronze Age cist grave and two standing stones close by indicate that this was probably a well travelled route way long before the construction of the Roman road.

Description :
Maen y Bardd is a cromlech standing on ground falling to the SE, on the N side of the Roman road leading from Caerhun to Caernarfon. It is in good condition. <1>

The burial chamber is as described by RCAHM. <2>

A simple burial chamber of orthostats supporting a large capstone. <3>

No sign of a barrow of any kind. Miss Lynch, however, refers to the chamber as set in an amorphous cairn. <4>

The rectangular chamber of orthostatic slabs lies on quite a significant slope and lies within an uphill/downhill bounday which is a stony bank surrounded by a wall. Part of this bank may be an eroded mound but it is difficult to say without excavation. A detailed contour survey would also be helpful. (Smith 2002)

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Events :
41175 : Cn 027 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1986)
41176 : Cn 027 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1988)
41177 : Cn 027 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1995)
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Compiled date : 22-12-1987

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