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Ogof Pant y Wennol, Llandudno

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 4570
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Llandudno
Unitary authority : Conwy
NGR : SH80808160
Site Type (preferred type first) : Prehistoric CAVE
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
See SAM file - Aberconway Cn190. <1>

The mouth of the cave had been blocked with a rough modern wall and the back was filled with rubbish. A number of human bones encased in stalagmite were found, cave earth having been used to consolidate the wall.

The main finds so far are parts of 5 human skeletons, 4 adults and 1 child. Part of one of the adults was in an undisturbed position at the bottom of a narrow fissure at the back of the cave. The burial seems to have been covered by a flat slab. The child may have been buried close to the wall.

Animal bones, a pointed bone tool and the two struck lumps of flint were the only other artifacts found.

Beneath the level of the skeletons and the stalagmite a red silt is present in patches. This layer contains hearths which may be of Mesolithic date. (Davies, 1974)

The human remains do not date back beyond Bronze Age times. Neolithic pottery was found under the stalagmite. Unpatinated flint at the same level comprised a scraper, an awl, and many fragments, a worked piece of rock crystal and a bone worked into the familiar 'limpet scoop' were also found.

The red layer yielded 3 microliths, two with slightly blunted backs, the third similar to arrow tips found at Starr Carr. (Davies, 1975)

An excavation of the platform outside the cave was undertaken. Some artefacts were found at the base of the over hanging cliff wall. Several small boulders were found to be sealing what could be a Neolithic burial. Evidence suggests that the cave may have been closed up with rocks as a safeguard against predators. The cave itself was used mainly as a burial site. (Stone & Smith, 1979)

An alcove under the rock face W of the overhang revealed several finds. <5>

Several finds discovered. (Stone, 1981)

As well as the rhinoceros and horse reported previously, bones and teeth of reindeer have now been identified. In the Neolithic and later levels, 16 unpointed flint flakes or cores, bones of woodmouse, pig, fish and various bird species. Fragmentary human skeletons have appeared, but not enough to add to the 6 individuals known from the cave to date. 4 'net sinkers' have been discovered, also heavy pebbles fitting neatly into the hand, have one side crudely chipped into an effective cutting or chopping edge. (Davies, 1976)

A cave in a limestone cliff, the entrance faces just W of N. It has a large front entrance, with a smaller chamber behind. The front entrance is 6m wide and 3m high. The cave is between 6 and 8m deep.

The floor is badly disturbed with large holes, some nearly 3m deep, dug through the deposits; presumably caused by excavations.

The level platform in front of the cave entrance is overgrown and occupied by a stone building, the C19th cottage mentioned above.

There would appear to be extensive remains left untouched despite the earlier excavations, certainly inside the cave, if little remains outside. <8>

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Events :
43068 : Cn 190 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1988)
43069 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1979)
43070 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1980)
43071 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1981)
43072 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1974)
43073 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1975)
43074 : Prn 4570 Part Excavation (year : 1976)
43075 : Cn 190 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1989)
43076 : Cn 190 Fmw Site Visit (year : 1995)

Related PRNs : 300821

Compiled date : 05-04-1988

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