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Standing Stone, Y Werthyr, Amlwch

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 3541
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Amlwch
Unitary authority : Ynys Mon
NGR : SH4152492866
Site Type (preferred type first) : Prehistoric STANDING STONE
Status : Scheduled Ancient Monument

Description :
There is also, in the adjoining fields, a large stone measuring about 10ft above ground. In the time of the former proprietor of the place, there was another stone of the same size, some distance from it, and a huge flat stone extending from one to the other. The old country people stood in great awe of it, and considered it an act of sacrilege when Mr. Williams destroyed the top stone and one of the pillars. <1>

At Werthyr, a mile and 3/4 W of Amlwch Church, a mean hir stands in a field almost opposite the farmhouse of Bryn Llwyd. It is an irregular slab of local chloritic mica schist 9ft 6ins in height, 5ft 2ins in width, and from 19 to 28ins in thickness. The alignment of the SE side of the stone is to the Summer Solstice sunrise. It has been marked on all ordnance surveys. <2>

Maen Hir, 800yds NE of the Werthyr earthwork. 9 1/2ft high, by 5ft by 1 1/2ft. Good condition. (RCAHMW, 1937)

SH 41529286 standing stone (LB). <4>

The standing stone is as described. Published survey 25" correct. <5>

Condition unchanged. <6>

Erect stone 9' 6" high 5' wide and 18" thick, standing in a grass field just over 1 1/2m W of the parish church and 250yd NE of Werthyr farm. No trace of surrounding mound. <7>

Massive stone on a flat topped local summit with good views all around - antiquarian ref (Rhys. J. 1882 Arch Camb) suggests that another stone stood nearby and they were joined by a large capstone. There is no sign of the other remains. As described elsewhere - no change from description in Inventory (SMR ref 3) Site stands on a rounded rise - with views from all sides. There may be subsurface survival as ground does not appear to be unduly disturbed. NB land owners could not be contacted - site described from roadside. (Smith, 2003)

The monument comprises a massive standing stone, probably dating to the Bronze Age (c.2300 BC - 800 BC) and situated within enclosed pasture about 200m to the NE of Werthyr Farm. The standing stone measures about 3m in height, 1.8m in thickness from NE to SW by 0.8m in width. Several packing stones are visible around its base. <10>

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Events :
40526 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monument Survey: West Gwynedd/Anglesey (year : 2003)
45013 : Rhyd-y-Groes Repower, Anglesey: Cultural Heritage Assessment. (year : 2014)
40527 : Pan-wales Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites Survey: Trial Data Synthesis (year : 2005)

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