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Incised Stone Wheel Cross, Llangaffo Church

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 2607
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Rhosyr
Unitary authority : Ynys Mon
NGR : SH44626852
Site Type (preferred type first) : Early Medieval INCISED STONE
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
Lower half of wheel head with tenon 22ins diameter x 21 1/2ins h x 8 1/2 ins th. Head of so-called Celtic type (Collingwood, Northumbrian Crosses P140).

Triple-beaded wheel with moulded central strap around outer edge. Cross arms edged with raised mouldings and four triple-beaded two-cord looped twists (Revue Archeologique 501) fills both faces. All carves in medium relief. In church porch. Cast No 02.167. Possible vestiges of decoration on arm end. C10-C11. <1>

Cross-head in porch. Fragment of pierced wheel cross-head with interlaced work of three strands on either side: C9-C10. (RCAHMW, 1937)

Located near vestry-door. <3>

A series of nine incised stones and cross-shafts within the graveyard of Llangaffo Church dating to the Early Medieval period. The earliest stone in the collection, a wheel-cross gravestone in the sacristy, dates from the 7th Century. Five more stones stand against a low wall opposite the church door and other stones can be found in the graveyard walls. (Cooke, 2013)

Sources :
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Events :
42485 : Prn 2607 Gat Site Visit (year : 1986)
44548 : Bodrida Wind Turbine, Brynsiencyn, Isle of Anglesey (year : 2013)
44557 : Early Celtic Societies in North Wales (year : 2010)

Related PRNs : 415196

Compiled date : 05-11-1986

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