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Castell Aberlleiniog Motte, Llangoed

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 2570
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Llangoed
Unitary authority : Ynys Mon
NGR : SH6163979298
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval MOTTE AND BAILEY
Status : Scheduled Monument , Listed Building II*

Summary :
Castell Aberlleiniog is a motte and bailey castle standing on the left bank of the Afon Lleiniog and built by Hugh of Avranches, Earl of Chester between 1088 and 1090. The motte is a large, flat-topped artificial mound on which would have stood a timber castle. A small bailey stands between the motte and the ravine. Today, the motte holds the remains of a square stone keep used during the Civil War first by the Royalists then by the Parliamentarians.

Description :
A motte and bailey castle on the left bank of the Afon Lleiniog. Attributed to Hugh of Avranches, Earl of Chester in 1088-89. <1>

Mound 150ft diameter at the base, rises to some 30ft above dry wide ditch 40-50ft wide. Ruinous rectangular structure on top with remains of angle-towers at three corners, it housed a garrison during Great Rebellion and is probably late medieval. (RCAHMW, 1937)

There was a small bailey on the S side, its remains show as two terminal mounds, traces of the E ditch extend to the edge of the ravine, (plan). <3>

Motte 29m in diameter and 8.8m high. Ditch 11m wide and up to 2m deep. No trace of bailey other than the two terminal mounds. Revision of published survey 25 inch correct. <4>

Aber Lleiniog listed under 'Early Castles in Wales'. <5>

The development of Aberlleiniog can be divided into four phases. The first is the Norman motte and bailey raised in the 1080s and the second the late 17th century re-fortification. The addition of the stone fort or folly may be dated to between 1701 and 1770. Partial repairs and reconstruction of the fort probably belong to the period from c.1840 to World War II when the north tower was used as an observation post. Aberlleiniog castle acted as a Royalist outpost for Beaumaris Castle during the Civil War, and the 2004 excavations revealed extensive evidence for Civil War occupation of the site. <13>

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Events :
40749 : Castell Aberlleiniog Geophysical Survey (year : 2008)
44655 : Castell Aberlleiniog East Tower November 2015 (year : 2015)

Related PRNs : 58448

Compiled date : 10-12-1986

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