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Burial Chamber, Sling

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 221
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Llandygai
Unitary authority : Gwynedd
NGR : SH60556686
Site Type (preferred type first) : Neolithic CHAMBERED TOMB
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
Burial chamber- Fron-Deg. The remains of a burial chamber consisting of a large capstone, partly fallen but supported at its W end by a leaning stone, behind which another large stone may be a fallen supporter. The chamber lies on the line of a modern field wall: no trace of a mound is visible. A cist containing a human skeleton was found near here c.1855, and nearby another skeleton beneath a heap of stones and earth. Nothing further was discovered. The bones were replaced and covered up. There are in the partially cultivated fields about these parts several elongated mounds containing stones marked as if they had been subjected to the action of the fire. <1> <2> <3>

The remains of this burial chamber are situated on the side of a hill facing W, and have been incorporated within a modern stone wall. A large rectangular capstone 4.5m by 1. 4m by 0. 4m is supported on one side by a single upright 0.8m high, while the other end rests on the ground. The remains of another upright lies under the capstone. The site is overgrown with gorse, thorn trees and briars. <4>

Burial chamber clearance of undergrowth has emphasized its unusual position at the head of a gully, and has shown that two slabs lie behind the supporter at the W end. <5>

Published 25'' survey revised. <6>

This site comprises the remains of a poorly preserved burial chamber. A cist containing a human skeleton was found in 1885, and a further skeleton was discovered beneath a nearby "heap of stones". There are in the partially cultivated fields, elongated mounds with possible burnt stones. (Flook 1993)

As previously described. It is on quite a slope, but comparable to the setting of Maen-y-Bardd for instance. The slope could have been utilised for moving the stone unless it was found in situ. It is still an impressive monument. (Smith 2002)

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Events :
40521 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monuments: West Conwy/North Gwynedd (year : 2002)
40176 : Mynydd Llandegai to Bethesda Main Link (year : 1993)
40527 : Pan-wales Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites Survey: Trial Data Synthesis (year : 2005)

Related PRNs : 302765

Compiled date : 16-07-1987

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