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Smelting Floor, Coed Newydd

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 2117
Trust : Gwynedd
Community : Moelfre
Unitary authority : Ynys Mon
NGR : SH48908580
Site Type (preferred type first) : Bronze Age BURNT MOUND / Roman METAL WORKING SITE
Status : Scheduled Monument

Description :
Three cooking hearths of possible Bronze Age period were excavated here, demonstrating positive evidence of human activity in Coed Newydd Wood. (Baynes, 1913)

A search of Coed Newydd wood for prehistoric hearths revealed a smelting floor. Excavation exposed a rhomboidal space approximately 21ft 6ins by 12ft 6ins, bounded by stones. A greater part of the floor was covered in fragments of coal and coal dust bound together with iron rust. Two iron bars, found with iron-slag, were produced by Roman methods. <2>

A similar hearth at Din Lligwy was smaller, about left by 3ft, and was proved to be of Romano-British date. <3>

The smelting floor is sunk approximately 0.6 metres below ground level and is bounded by dry-stone retaining walls. Surveyed at 1:2500. <4>

Situated near hearths already described. Rhomboidal space by stones on edge or coursed. Two stones in clay floor 9" high near east corner. <5>

Penrhos Lligwy No. 1: Horse-shoe shaped mound excavated to reveal a central stone-lined trough, interpreted by the excavator as a hearth. (Kenney, 2011)

Sources :
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Events :
42248 : A Smelting Floor at Penrhos Lligwy (year : 1919)
44557 : Early Celtic Societies in North Wales (year : 2010)

Related PRNs : 406616

Compiled date : 12-01-1987

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