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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 40481
Trust : Dyfed
Community : Martletwy
Unitary authority : Pembrokeshire
NGR : SN0284413287
Site Type (preferred type first) : Medieval Mill / POST MEDIEVAL Mill
Status :

Summary :
The site of the mill at Minwear Pill is shown, although not named, on the historic Ordnance Survey maps, located on the edge of Minwear Pill. Modern maps indicate the site to be ruinous and recent (2009) aerial photographs show it to be under woodland (M.Ings, 2013)

Description :
The mill was visited as part of the Cadw funded Mills Survey of 2012-14. It is built of semi-dressed stone right on the edge of the Minwear Pill mud-flats, on a stone-edged platform. It is now in a ruinous condition and the interior is obscured by stone tumble. A stone-lined wheel-pit is preserved alongside the south-facing end wall, which would have accommodated an overshot wheel. The square aperture for the wheel axle was evident within the wall but the wheel, recorded in 2000, has gone. The owner of Minwear Farm told me that when they first moved in there was a mill-stone at the site but this too has since disappeared. A possible internal division was noted, although heavy vegetation on the northwest corner prevented a clear view. A further section of masonry was recorded above the mill, within the woodland to the southeast, possibly the corner of a boundary wall. A holding pond (PRN 105998) is also preserved above and behind the mill, with a substantial bank on its southwestern side and a stone revetment wall to the north. This appeared to be fed by a leat running in from the southeast but it was unclear where this diverted water from as woodland undergrowth made it inaccessible (M.Ings, 2013)

Water Mill, possibly tidal mill, on the east side of Minwear Pill at the end of a road from the Sisters House (3594) to the west. Part of the Slebech Commandery's possessions at Minwear in 1338 and tenanted in 1841(Census) by Sarah Harris miller. Probably out of use by the mid 19th century. Building, wheel pit and small ?overshot wheel survive in an inaccessible location - needs survey. HJ April 2000.

Sources :
Ordnance Survey , 1889 , 1st edition, 1:2500, Pembrokeshire Sheet 28.11
Ordnance Survey , 1907 , 2nd edition, 1:2500, Pembrokeshire Sheet 28.11
DAT , 2000 , Milford Haven Historic Audit Part 2 Garron Pill to Picton Point ,

Events :
82306 : MINWERE MILL, FIELD OBSERVATION, 2000 (year : 2000)

Related PRNs : 38756, 105998

Compiled date : 17-04-2000

Images :

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