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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 1567
Trust : Dyfed
Community : Eglwyswrw
Unitary authority : Pembrokeshire
NGR : SN0838234046
Site Type (preferred type first) : Neolithic;bronze Age Stone Circle / Neolithic;bronze Age Stone Setting / Neolithic;bronze Age Stone Group
Status : Scheduled Monument

Summary :
A group of four stones, one standing and three recumbent, set in unimproved heathland. The standing stone, at NGR SN0838234046, is 1.5m high and 0.85m x 0.6m at its base tapering to a point 0.3m wide at the top. Two of the three recumbent stones are large; the stone to the west is located at SN0835534046 some 30m away at 276 degrees and measures 3.1m long x 1.1m wide x 0.6m thick; the eastern stone is located at SN0839434040 some 10m from the upright at 112 degrees and measures 3.20m long x 1m wide x 0.94m thick: both these stones may have originally been upright. Another stone, considerably smaller than the others, is located at SN0840134032 some 20m away at 125 degrees and measures 1.10m long x 0.7m wide x 0.15m thick. There is an even smaller stone some 20m away from the upright at SN0837734024 which appears to be centrally located within the context of the semi-circle formed by the other stones: this stone is earthfast, measures 0.13m high x 0.20m x 0.09m, and tapers at the top. The large standing stone has an animal trampled hollow around its base which is particularly marked on its west and north sides. The two large recumbent stones also have evidence of animal eroded hollows around them and possible evidence of in situ packing stones and original stone sockets, although this is very tentative. Apart from the obvious animal erosion the site is in a stable condition. The whole stone group is scheduled along with the single standing stone, PRN 1568, to the west. N Cook PFRS 2004

A stone group, possibly the remains of a stone circle, represented by a group of four stones, one standing and three recumbent, set in unimproved heathland.

Description :
A stone group, possibly the remains of a stone circle, represented by a group of four stones, one standing and three recumbent, set in unimproved heathland. The stones vary in height from just over 1m high, to just over 3m. RSR 2004.

Interpretation as a circle seems particularly doubtful - but more complex than single stone? CM Stenger Jan 1986

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Events :
66175 : WAUN MAWN, FIELD OBSERVATION, 1966 (year : 1966)
85306 : WAUN MAWN, FIELD OBSERVATION, 1981 (year : 1981)
89640 : WAUN MAWN, FIELD OBSERVATION, 1985 (year : 1985)
91272 : WAUN MAWN, FIELD OBSERVATION, 1991 (year : 1991)
92187 : WAUN MAWN, FIELD OBSERVATION, 2003 (year : 2003)

Related PRNs : 1568, 1569, 48095

Compiled date : 01-01-1950

Images :

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