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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 14383
Trust : Dyfed
Community : Puncheston
Unitary authority : Pembrokeshire
NGR : SN061306
Site Type (preferred type first) : Neolithic Enclosure
Status :

Summary :
A confirmed neolithic enclosure situated on a southwards projecting promontory of Foel Eryr. The neolithic date was confirmed during an evaluation in 2005.

Description :
A neolithic enclosure situated on a southwards projecting promontory of Foel Eryr, at 330m above sea level. First identified during aerial survey in 1990, the hilltop enclosure consists of two non-concentric and incomplete boundary banks that define a roughly oval area, surrounded by a number of cultivation features and trackways. An evaluation in 2005 (Darvil, Wainwright & Driver 2007) demonstrated that the outer boundary bank, c.3.8m wide, had been constructed on a deturfed land surface. Evidence of postholes to the front and rear were suggestive of timber lacing within the bank. The associated ditch was c.2.8m wide and 1.0m deep. Radiocarbon dates show that the primary ditch silt accumulated at around 3650 BC, whilst the middle fills contained material from the period 3000-2600 BC. FM December 2009

A sinuous bank with possible ditches on both sides apparently encircling the hilltop. There is a straight linear ditch running from it which might be later. This may be a hillfort but it has doubtful characteristics. TAJ 12:4:1991

Sources :
CADW , 2007 , Notification of scheduling
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Events :
99453 : BANC DU (year : 2008)
111474 : Parc y Wern, Tufton, Pembrokeshire (year : 2013)

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Compiled date : 01-01-1950

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