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Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 106527
Trust : Dyfed
Community : Cwmamman
Unitary authority : Carmarthenshire
NGR : SN68711003
Site Type (preferred type first) : POST MEDIEVAL Stone Alignment / Prehistoric Stone Alignment
Status :

Summary :
The Bancbryn stone alignment comprises a sinuous linear arrangement of approximately 170 stones averaging 20-40cm in size and projecting up to a maximum of c. 30cm above ground level; many of the stones are located at ground surface level with a light cover of vegetation. The line extends across Mynydd y Betws moorland for a distance of approx. 600m between NGR SN 6855 0978 at its SW limit to SN6890 1032 at its NE end. The stones are mostly rounded in shape and appear to be of local origin. The distance of separation of stones varies from sections where they are very close (less than 1m apart) to gaps of 8-10m. The linear nature of the feature is most visible in the sections where the stones are closely positioned such as between SN6882 1017 and SN6881 1015 and SN6874 1002 to SN6866 0994. There is no visible evidence to suggest the presence of a bank, ditch or other associated earthwork. K. Roberts 2013. Small sections of the alignment were excavated in 2017 - no dating evidence was recovered.

Sources :
Gerrard, S., Murphy, F., Murphy, K., and Rowlands, P. , 2017 , Mynydd y Betws, Carmarthenshire, Excavation of Cairns and a stone alignment
Roberts, K , 2013 , Bancbryn Stone Alignment Scheduling Assessment Report
Shiner, M , 2016 , Recent archaeological discoveries in Carmarthenshire
WRIGHT, J , 2012 , Mynydd y Betws Wind Farm Carmarthenshire: Programme of Archaeological Recording ( © DAT)

Events :
109210 : MYNYDD Y BETWS (year : 2012)

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Compiled date : 22-09-2014

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