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Blaenglyn longhouse I

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 81366
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Glyn Tarell
Unitary authority : Powys
NGR : SN98352270
Site Type (preferred type first) : MEDIEVAL LONGHOUSE
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
Description: Building on a platform, almost certainly a long house. Building narrow in relation to length. Walls show as earthen banks - no real stone visible but probing would no doubt show differently. Various gaps in long sides, but one (in SW wall) ismore likely to be the entrance than the others. Back wall (SE) has disappeared. Front (NW) wall merges with apron to give a pronounced rise, above footpath to W. Fan is distinctive, merging with the enclosure bank running down from above.Overall dimensions (platform) 22.7m NW/SE x 9.4m, (building) 15.3m NW/SE x 6.7m x 0.4m high.
Associations: Second building on platform c.5m to NE, therefore a paired site. Alignment of buildings is fractionally different. Gap in the intervening enclosure bank may be original.
Location: Buildings are on a shelf that only drops slightly. Behind the ground rises to the ridge with outcrops. Base of the slope is utilised for the fans of both buildings. In front of the buildings (NW) the ground begins to slope gently down and becomesprogressively steeper. Excellent views into the valley.
(CPAT, DRS project)

Two long-huts, 17 x 5m and 12 x 5m, aligned down the slope, roughly E-W. Both are cut into the slope by 0.5m at the east end and built up t
at the western end by 0.5m. Slightly raised banks along the north and south sides. Track (PRN 34502) curves around the platforms and appears to respect them.

In fair condition, with moderate survival and suffers slow deterioration.

(EAS, 17-01-2011)

Sources :
Brooks, I.P. , 2011 , The Brecon Beacons Survey, Interim Report 2011 ( © )
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Events :
151637 : Brecon Beacons Survey Interim Report 2011 (year : 2011)

Related PRNs :

Compiled date : 27-02-2001

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