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Gop Cave, neolithic

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 102263
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor
Unitary authority : Flintshire
NGR : SJ08648008
Site Type (preferred type first) : NEOLITHIC CAVE OCCUPATION
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
Human skeletons from chamber in rock shelter. Sherds of decorated pottery possibly Peterborough type were found with the skeletons. Also Graig Llwyd axe found near cave entrance.

NMGW record the following: Mesolithic -- flint microlith, 3 chert microliths, 1 chert blade; Neolithic - flint leaf shaped arrowhead (1); Prehistoric - flint scrapers (2); flint flake (4), chert flake (1), flint and chert debitage (1?) (CPAT Lithics, 2001).

Fourteen skeletons were found according to Oldham (1991, 24), with Pleistocene faunal remains in the lower deposits. Some of the human remains and implements are in NMW, human remains and pottery also in the Manchester University Museum (M13), and other human remains are in the private collection of J H Morris, West Bromwich. (Oldham, 1991, 26)

Cullingford (1962, 290) notes that that the skeletons were found in a 'rudely constructed stone chamber against the cave entrance' and mentions further finds in addition to those described above, including two links or studs of shale, a polished flint knife and white quartz pebbles.

The burial contained unusual Late Neolithic artefacts of northern English origin (MacInnes, 1968) which epitomise a new phase in north-eastern Wales, opening up eastwards contacts which are maintained through the Bronze Age (Lynch, Frnaces, 2003).

All of these features are described in more detail by Davies (1949), who provides a plan of the entrance showing the position of the chamber. See also PRN 102261. (Caves Scheduling Enhancement Project, CPAT 2009)

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Events :
113237 : Early Prehistoric Settlement in Mid and North East Wales: The Lithic Evidence, desk-based assessment 2002 (year : 2002)

Related PRNs : 102261

Compiled date : 31-08-1993

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