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Penbedw Park Stone Circle

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 100225
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Nannerch
Unitary authority : Flintshire
NGR : SJ1712067930
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
Stone circle 29yds diam, consisting now of only 5 stones. Stones of millstone grit conglomerate - probably ice-borne boulders. A monolith (Prn 100224) stands 237 yds from the circle. From the SW the stones are:
1 - a boulder 5ft 3ins high and 1ft 8ins thick
2 - irregular block 10yds S of 1, 3ft 6 high, 3ft 4 long and 1ft 7thick.
3 - 7yds E of 2, an irregular stone 3ft 3ins high, 2ft 9ins wide and 2ft thick.
4 - 8yds from 3, 3ft 4ins high, 2ft wide and 1ft 10ins thick
5 - 10yds from 4, irregular, 1ft 4ins high.
The whole circle is slightly elevated above the surrounding ground (RCAHMW 1912, 12-13)

Remains of stone circle consisting of five stones varying from 1.55m to 0.45m high, and being an average of 9.14m apart, but irregularly spaced. Circle is now completed by oak trees (of varying age), supposedly on the approximate sites of the missing stones, though, interestingly, no evidence that there ever were stones completing the circle
Earliest historical accounts, according to Ellis Davies (p90-91), describe "part of a druidical circle" (Pennant - Tours) or "remains of a Druidical circle....only 5 {stones} at present remaining" (Lewis - Topographical Dictionary).
Tradition that the missing stones were removed and broken during building of a house on a neighbouring farm.

Circle suspected of being a fake. Not mentioned pre-18th century (OS record card 1980)

Small monolith near the centre of the circle, on a slight ridge and surrounded by a number of packing stones (Cadw visit 1987)

5 stones are still present. One has been knocked down however due to storm damage by last tree. (CCC, 1988)

A further stone revealed near the centre of the circle, of same composition as standing stones and may at some time have been part of the circle. Measures 0.6m long, 0.4m max width. (Cadw visit 1988)

A boundary stone, inscribed TM, has been deposited near stone 4 of the circle.

Stone 4 is no longer standing, having been knocked over by a falling tree. Stone 2 has also fallen. A further stone, lies in the centre of the circle and may once have been part of the circle. Stone 5 is now missing (Cadw, 1998).

Only stones 1-4 still survive; 2 are recumbent, stone 5 is missing and 6 trees now complete the circle on the N side.Stone 2 (which is now recumbent) shows none of the differential weathering one might expect if it had been partly buried in the ground for any great period of time, and there is no obvious hole next to it which it might have fallen out of. Stone 1 is large and irregular limestone, with water-worn erosion. Stones 2, 3,& 4 are all of the same unknown type of rock (NOT limestone) Packers are visible around stone 4, which was re-erected using a JCB. No trace was found of any stones within the centre of the circle, nor of the boundary stone previously recorded near stone 4. the interior of the circle is slightly uneven. The circle is raised c. 30cm above the rest of the field, creating a platform c. 34m diameter. The stones and trees form a circle within this of diameter 31m. Ploughing is encroaching on the circle. Circle could easily be a fake (CPAT 2000).

The only stone circle known in Flintshire and Wrexham. Problematic. No references to it in correspondence about antiquities btween Edward Lhuyd and Richard Mostyn, owner of Penbedw. First recorded by Pennant in 1784. Location and proximity to a standing stone and a round barrow are arguments in favour of its authenticity (Lynch, Frances, 2003).

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Events :
43121 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monuments, Flintshire and Wrexham, assessment project 2000 (year : )
59044 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monuments, Flintshire and Wrexham, desktop study 2000 (year : )
59045 : Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Monuments, Flintshire and Wrexham, field survey project 2000 (year : )

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Compiled date : 31-10-1990

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