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Penbedw Hall Park Tumulus

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 100223
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Nannerch
Unitary authority : Flintshire
NGR : SJ1700368196
Site Type (preferred type first) : BRONZE AGE ROUND BARROW
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
Tumulus standing on gently rising ground. Opened in 1860 when "Roman remains" and "calcined pottery" were found (RCAHM 1912, 66-7).

Hall Park, measuring 160 paces circumference and 5-8ft high. Excavations in 1860 revealed some very large stones picked up in the centre, with traces of charcoal and ashes, and a good many pieces of calcined bone, as well as some pottery. Zig-zag pattern on pottery. Illustrated frag of a coarse cinerary urn with inside and outside of lip, as well as body decorated with triangular dabs (Davies 1949, 264-6).

Grass covered mound in good condition. Two slight indentation on N side may relate to earlier excavations. 24.5m N-S, 20.5m E-W, and c. 2m high (Cadw 1987).

The mound, although slightly damaged by excavation, is still in good condition.. Slightly circular, 8m diam, 2.5m high approx. (CCC, 1988)

Elongated mound, 25m E-W x 15m N-S (possible that the N side has been reduced by ploughing, as a slight terrace follows a curve around this side, which would give a larger N-S width of c.21m), surviving height c. 2m. Two small depressions, one near the summit, other on the N side. Mound may have been spread E-W by ploughing, and reduced N-S (CPAT 1999).

The mound is located in the centre of a regularly cultivated field and the current plough line is partly damaging the mound. (CPAT Tir Gofal assessment, 2005)

Sources :
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Compiled date : 31-10-1990

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