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Burfa Bank Hillfort

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 312
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Old Radnor
Unitary authority : Powys
NGR : SO2843061010
Site Type (preferred type first) : IRON AGE HILLFORT
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
Multivallate contour fort. Oblique barbican entrance on north-west. Roman pottery ploughed from interior.

About 20 acres enclosed. Seems to have had secondary as well as primary defences. Area now thickly forested so difficult to understand ramparts (Gregory, D, 1994, 16).

Banks covered with turf and scrub and trees planted in interior. Defences on the south side consist of a bank between 0.75-1.5m high with an exterior ditch c.0.9m deep. On the north side there are 2 banks rising to a height of c.3.5m with a exterior ditch 6m below the level of the bank (Cadw, 1998).

Interior of hillfort now being managed as open space. Trees have been felled and there are no plans to replant (DC, 1999).

Burfa Bank is an elongated hillfort, following the contours, which primarily consists of a single
bank with an external ditch that shows only as a terrace in some places, and an external,
counterscarp bank on the north. However, at the western end there are two banks with an external counterscarp bank. The entrance at the north-west appears on plan to be an overlapping with a funnelled approach between two banks.
In size we calculate it to be about 5.9 ha. It is said to be about 700m long from east to west and 230m from north to south at its east end. The defences on the south side consist of a bank between o.75-1.5m high with an exterior ditch about 0.9m deep. On the north side the two banks rising to a height of c.3.5m with a external ditch, 6m below the level of the bank, this presumably being the inner line of defence (Defended Enclosures in Radnorshire Project, CPAT, 2006).

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Events :
115438 : Defended Enclosures in Radnorshire, assessment project 2006 (year : 2006)

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Compiled date : 31-12-1981

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