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Moel y Gaer Llanbedr hillfort

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 100607
Trust : Clwyd Powys
Community : Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd
Unitary authority : Denbighshire
NGR : SJ14906175
Site Type (preferred type first) : IRON AGE HILLFORT
Status : scheduled monument

Description :
An oval multi-vallate hillfort of 4ha with two inturned entrances to north-east and west. Excavations in 1849 by Ffoulkes near north-east entrance revealed that the inner bank to the north and east of the gate had been heavily burnt.

A topographic survey was carried out at the hillfort in 2006 by Engineering Archaeological Services Ltd as part of the Heather and Hillforts Project. The line of the boundary bank was traced into the
field adjacent to the hillfort and its line was extended by a break in slope. The magnetic susceptibility survey defined an area of intense burning on the inner rampart together with scattered evidence for burning along the rampart and associated with one end of the eastern in turned entrance. The Fluxgate Gradiometer and Resistivity surveys suggested a level of activity on the relatively fiat ground inside the eastern entrance which also conformed to some of the topographic features previously recorded. The Fluxgate gradiometer survey within the annex also suggested the potential for archaeological activity within this feature Brooks. I.P & Laws. K, 2008).

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Events :
117974 : Moel y Gaer Llanbedr hillfort, excavation 2009 (year : 2009)
112331 : Moel y Gaer hillfort, topographical survey 2008 (year : 2008)

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Compiled date : 30-11-1986

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